Gabriella Barouch

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Lovely illustrations for you to see over at Gabriella’s online portfolio!

Everything that makes me… depends on a fragile chunk of meat!

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By Calvin and Hobbes via gocomics

Everything that makes me… depends on a fragile chunk of meat!

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By Calvin and Hobbes via gocomics

IKEA Austria Cinema Catalogue

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This is just awful ! It is very invasive and very intrusive ! I think that the ad agency should get fined or something for inflicting this to people! Most of us go to a cinema to see a movie not the crap Ikea is selling! Honestly there is a limit what we can and can’t do in advertising and this one just crosses the line for me! This is an example that all brands should and most definitely avoid!


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Run for your lives… Zombie kitten apocalypse , featuring the lovely illustrations of Sarah Brown, you can even  download this lovely sound from here :-)  Via the reflections of me !  Zombie lovers click here


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Leberkäse from Rafael Mayrhofer on Vimeo.

Katja’s and Rafael’s amazing food art! Audio by Roland Keil

All Around

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Tahiti 80 “All Around” from SoLab on Vimeo.

TAHITI  80, directed by Romain Chassaing! What an interesting video and a lovely sound they have got! Enjoy :-)

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