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Do you remember The Most Useless Machine EVER? Well now the Useless Machine has a Lego prototype! Its completely useless and and its made out of Lego parts 🙂

via beginbeing

Kill your Stress from alberto mielgo on Vimeo.

An awesome 2D animation ad that captures “stress” perfectly

“El Mañana” is a song from the Gorillaz’s second album, Demon Days. Lovely song and an amazing animated video

The new Apple Ipad sure looks dreamy and here is Steve Job’s official presentation

See the Apple presentation video here
The Walt Sassafras Mosspuppet bring you the very first hands-on review of Apple’s brand new Ipad below check it out!

Lovely illustrations from Bartek’s on-line portfolio , via Formatmag

Timeless and awesome the music of  The Box Tops! I love it when the video goes ballistic its because its that old people! Enjoy 🙂