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Wilco – What light from Juan Gama de Cossío on Vimeo.

An amazing song by Wilco! The music video you see was directed by Juan Gama d.C! Enjoy 🙂

Kid Sam – We’re Mostly Made of Water (Dir. Sherwin Akbarzadeh) from Sherwin Akbarzadeh on Vimeo.

Kid Sam directed by Sherwin Akbarzadeh! What a cool song and video this is! I love it 🙂

Superb digital art from Christopher Haines online portfolio

Wood Smoke from Fredo Viola on Vimeo.

An amazing, almost poetic, circular video art for you to see! The music behind this is ” from an improvisation Fredo Viola did live, using 4 streams of infinite delay in Logic”! Incredible or what ?

If you are an Evil Dead fan like I am, then you are sooooooooo going to love this little animated video by Lee Hardcastle!

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson