KLM Economy Comfort

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An incredible ambient to launch the KLM Economy Comfort product! Look how much attention it gets from all the people! Does anyone know the agency behind this?

A Thing For Me

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A Thing For Me from Metronomy on Vimeo.

This dates a year back but it is still an incredible music video and song by Metronomy! Enjoy :-)

Joshua Harvey

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Awesome illustrations and character design for you to see over at Joshua’s on-line portfolio!

Drench: Mr. Memory!

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Mr Memory is the world’s smartest pet goldfish and stars in the new drench ad ( you already know how much I love their work)! This one is the full test with 8 tough questions! If you want to see more funny moments with Mr Memory click here

..::Make Music::..

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..::Make Music::.. from arnaud peron on Vimeo.

A lovely animation about the process of making music!

Wait For Me

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Moby ‘Wait For Me’ by Jessica Dimmock and Mark Jackson from Moby on Vimeo.

Moby directed by Jessica Dimmock and Mark Jackson! Beautiful and raw,an intense exploration in the experience of loneliness! Simply amazing!

Image of the day

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Via Jocelyn Bernard

The Future of Computing

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This is a very informative presentation by Mark Rolston, chief creative officer at frog design, who envisions the future of computing! Very interesting if you can spare a minute make sure you read it

Lemoigne Laurent

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Impressive dark art from Lemoigne Laurent’s on-line portfolio

BMW Concept Car: GINA

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BMW Concept Car: GINA from gate.11 on Vimeo.

“BMW Group comissioned gate.11 to develop and produce a spot for their concept car, nicknamed GINA” ! Brilliant car design by BMW!


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terrain. from Irrum on Vimeo.

An incredible 3d animation video by Irrum K and Jeremy C, exploring the relationship we have with our environment and its geometry!


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MaricorMarica is from Sydney, Australia and her portfolio is packed with awesomeness! Go get inspired here

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