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Ca_Teter is from Uruguay, his portfolio is packed with cool illustrations, painting and caricatures!

If Xbox is behind this then it is an absolutely brilliant piece of viral advertising! If not it is still very  fun to watch :-)

Andres is from Lima, Peru and does incredible illustrations! Go get inspired here

Mini-apolis from Andy George on Vimeo.

This just awesome Minneapolis in miniature! Explanation of how it was made here

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights from Seth Brau on Vimeo.

Seth Brau created this awesome video for an important topic! The lovely sound you hear is by Rumspringa! Obviously our politicians in Greece and in many other countries are clueless about this!

via Jocelyn Bernard

There are 3 different classes of chaos that affect creativity: Universal, External, and Personal. Learn all about it in this fascinating presentation by Jason Theodor