Gregory Thielker

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Gregory as you can see from above has a very unique style in painting! Go get inspired here

Sometimes life seems unbearably tragic…

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Calvin and Hobbes, via gocomics


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Liars “Scissor” from A Bruntel on Vimeo.

Another wonderful video directed by Andy Bruntel! This time for the amazing Liars

Autotopsy: “Point of Impact”

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Autotopsy: “Point of Impact” from Jam3 on Vimeo.

Although it reminds me the Carousel by Phillips,  I find to be still  incredible!! “ is an innovative digital experience that challenges visitors to play the part of forensic crash investigator Jimmy Burn in order to unpick the story behind a multi-vehicle pile up. Part game, part narrative experiment, the visually stunning site offers a host of interactive video content alongside character case studies that provide hints and red herrings alike”.  To experience this fully you should click here! Don’t forget your CSI kit :-)

Pablo Diaz

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Pablo is from Chile and makes these awesome, cute, minimal illustrations! Go check his work here


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Asics Running Film from PostPanic on Vimeo.

Asics Running Film, directed by Mischa! All the CG trickery you see was made by PostPanic ! Just wonderful

Image of the day

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via Melody Teichroeb

Cochard Baptiste

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Cochard’s online portfolio just blew me away! Its packed with awesome artworks and illustrations! Go get inspired here

Cat and the Eye

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Van She – Cat and the Eye from Modular People on Vimeo.

The wonderful Van she directed by Krozm. Amazing song :-)

Efficient Machine

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Second video for Kasper Bjørke‘s 2010 album “Standing on top of Utopia”! Lovely song and video!


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Exdandy has a very original style when it comes to drawings and illustrations go get inspired here

In the future, everything will be effortless!

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By Calvin and Hobbes

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