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Stars (feat. Anneka) by Starkey from Ben Curzon on Vimeo.

Lovely music video for the single ‘Stars (Feat. Anneka)’ by Starkey.Directed by Ben Curzon.

I do not know if those 8 trends will change everything ,only time will tell! However this is a very interesting presentation for you to read by Jeff Hilimire :-)

HAT, MAX & LAURA BRAUN from Michael Fragstein on Vimeo.

The lovely music you hear is written and performed by Max and Laura Braun! Directed by Michael Fragstein at Büro Achter April! What an amazing song and lovely animation this is!! Awesome

Crashing Blue from Simon H on Vimeo.

Rushes from an advert never looked this cool! Directed by Peter Clapperton, edited by Simon Hill while the music you hear is from the wonderful Portishead! Lately I seem to love all the slow motion stuff :-)

slow motion punches from cody kern on Vimeo.

Punched at 1,000 frames per second, shot with phantom camera as the pedigree dogs ! I think this is more brilliant :-)

Losers: Flush from Tom Werber on Vimeo.

Cool video for Losers directed and animated by Tom Werber, featuring the artwork of Dan Hillier.

Flying Starlings from Carl Pendle on Vimeo.

Sometimes you only have to be in the right place the right time! A breathtaking video by Carl Pendle!!