Michael Myers

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A Collection of Freaks by Michael Myers! Go get inspired here

Flash Delirium

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MGMT’s first music video from their upcoming Congratulations album! The weirdness is evident all over the place!! I’m not sure what the hell is going on in the video :-)


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WHERE’S THE MONEY GEORGE ? from oizo mr on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered what happened to Flat Eric? Well he is back and is making short films with Pharrell Williams!Enjoy :-)

Carine Brancowitz

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Mind blowing pen ball illustration by Carine Brancowitz, via I love illustrations

Keep Quiet

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A fan made video by John McGovarin for Hot Chip! Animals vs. Society made out of a bedsheet and over 50 cardboard cutout animals! Simply amazing

Jenny Mörtsell

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Jenny Mörtsell has some lovely drawings for you to see in her portfolio! Go get inspired here

Four Letter Words

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Four Letter Words from Rob Seward on Vimeo.

Four Letter Words is a beautiful art installation for textual experiments constructed by Rob Seward! More info about this here

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