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Via music philosophy

Little kids with some serious talent ! Funny or totally weird? Why we let kids play with guns?

blue and yellow from edison on Vimeo.

A cool clone band by Edison Enjoy 🙂

Monojet – Efe eme from Hugo Nicolas Rivera on Vimeo.

Superb music video for Monojet directed by Salomón Simhon! I especially love its beginning the song sounds very cool also 🙂

Johan Thörnqvist mixes illustrations with reality! The result is awesome! Go get inspired here via unstage

This is a a lovely presentation about viral media. “It was prepared as a workshop and draws heavily on the writings of people like:FARIS YAKOB, BUD CADDELL, MIKE ARAUZ, HELGE TENNO, HENRY JENKINS & ANA DOMB, NOUVE INTERPLAY and others. It essentially makes a case for the adoption of the term “spreadable media” when referring to viral. To know why, you will have to read on”.

Lovely stuff 🙂