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This is a a lovely presentation about viral media. “It was prepared as a workshop and draws heavily on the writings of people like:FARIS YAKOB, BUD CADDELL, MIKE ARAUZ, HELGE TENNO, HENRY JENKINS & ANA DOMB, NOUVE INTERPLAY and others. It essentially makes a case for the adoption of the term “spreadable media” when referring to viral. To know why, you will have to read on”.

Brand new video made by Delphic! What a lovely band they turned out be! I simply love their sound! Via Schmooze

WAX from Yvan Galtié on Vimeo.

An incredible time-lapse about candles! I love it when simple things like that turn out to be so spectacular! Just magical

Awesome illustrations for you to see over at Jenya Nechyporchuk’s on-line portfolio

Swatch Creart / Grems from THANK YOU on Vimeo.

Lovely work for Swatch by THANK YOU