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SNASK from Mike Crozier on Vimeo.

A lovely and quite creative stop motion film by Mike Crozier for SNASK!

Fernando Forero has some serious talent!! Go get inspired here and here

North American Scum – LCD Soundsystem from ben dickinson on Vimeo.

By James Murphy aka LCD Soundsystem ! Their new single “Drunk Girls” is out and you can listen to it here! Their new album will be released May 17, I cant wait :-)

The Tiger Lillies- Living Hell from Mark Holthusen on Vimeo.

Mark Holthusen directs The Tiger Lillies the result is awesome!

“Head On” – Spielberg Commissioned Special Project from Michael Koerbel on Vimeo.

A boy uses his imagination to connect with a girl on a New York City subway! A Special project commissioned by Steven Spielberg. Directed by Michael Koerbel! Lovely stuff