Smack My Blogger Up

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Smack My Blogger Up from Hirngerechte Gestaltung on Vimeo.

I bet some bloggers out there will definitely relate to this :-) Created by hirngerechte-gestaltung! The awesome song you hear is Dirty Angel by The Phase

iFixit: Welcome to Repair 2.O

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What an excellent inspiring idea, via brandflakesforbreakfast

Television is a drug

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Television is a drug. from Beth Fulton on Vimeo.

Inspired by Todd Alcott’s poem, Television Beth Fulton did this brilliant! Lovely stuff :-)

Consummation of Grief

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Consummation of Grief from J. Chris Schwartz on Vimeo.

A wonderful poem by Charles Bukowski, animated by Chris Schwartz! Enjoy :-)

On The Rocks – Bad Romance

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This is awesome !! Plus I think some of these guys sing way better than actual Lady gaga! Then again maybe its only me :-)

Image of the day

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via Nate Hillabush

Surfing Sheep

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Sheep have been known to have´╗┐ extraordinary balance :-) Cool viral from Finisterre UK, via seventyseven

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