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Screamers from Zoe Zoni!! Impressive or what ?? Check more of Zoe Zoni’s here

Matthew Redmond gives an awesome overview of the Greek philosophers that shaped the world by teaching us how to think! If you can spare a minute make sure you check this presentation cause it will definitely make you think :-)

Lovely rough sketches from Lloye Warner’s on-line portfolio!

Spin – Teaser (by Max Hattler) from Max Hattler on Vimeo.

Another awesome short animated film by Max Hattler!! “A legion of soldiers get the Busby Berkeley treatment, turning war into a tragic musical” Enjoy :-)

Balloon from eric xu on Vimeo.

Eric Xu’s amazing thesis project! What a lovely animation this is! Students rule!!




Cool drawings, motion graphics & illustrations for you to discover over at Stefan Venbroek’s on-line portfolio

RIVER KUO is from Taiwan and has a very interesting portfolio for you to see! Go get inspired here