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Being a genuinely good brand in 2010 takes more than a widely used product and an ubiquitous global presence according PSFK! Read all about in the very informative presentation!

ENVISION : Step into the sensory box from SUPERBIEN on Vimeo.

This is magical I only wish I could tell you more about it!

Stuck in a Groove / Phonovideo from Clemens Kogler on Vimeo.

This is so cool! Phonovideo is a VJ tool or visual instrument used to display animations in an analog way without the help of a computer! Amazing or what? More info about it here

Boy I was impressed by Harem6 on-line portfolio! From illustrations to photography and mixed media it is simply packed with creativity!

MADD from The Wade Brothers on Vimeo.

This dates a few months back but it is sooooo beautiful ! Mothers Against Drunk Driving by The Wade Brothers! An excellent piece of advertising

Cool new work from TBWA\Neboko in Amsterdam for Heineken :-) ! Via adfreak

Twin Sister – “Something About Us (Daft Punk)” from Ian Perlman on Vimeo.

A wonderful remake of the famous Daft Punk song by the Twin Sister