Christian Marra

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I simply adore these Pee-wee Herman illustrations by Christian Marra!Soooooooo cool :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Heart Chamber Orchestra Pixelache

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Heart Chamber Orchestra – Pixelache from pure on Vimeo.

This is an incredible performance by Terminalbeach! Both the music score and the visuals are generated in realtime from the heartbeats of the musicians! Awesome in so many levels! More info about it here Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Magic Projection Live

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Magic Projection Live @ TEDxTokyo 2010 from Marco Tempest on Vimeo.

Marco’s live performance my Magic Projection system (at TEDxTokyo 2010)! Make sure that you also check his previous video here ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics


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Lovely packaging design for headphones by a student Corinne Pant! Beautiful and simple :-) Via the Lovely Package ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Why Shit So Crazy

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Reggie Watts – Why Shit So Crazy (eclectic method remix) from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.

Reggie Watts remixed as you never seen him before by the  Eclectic Method! Reggie rules :-) You can buy his dvd from here Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Timothy Saccenti

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If you are into photography you must definitely check Timothy Saccenti portfolio! It is packed with mind blowing images! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Derek Chatwood

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Derek Chatwood sure makes some spectacular illustrations! Go get inspired here . Via unstage Sponsored by Fashion Optics

When The Time Is Ripe

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When The Time Is Ripe from Shion Takeuchi on Vimeo.

Shion Takeuchi funny thesis project made with puppets, Flash, and motion tracking. :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Image of the day

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via Olariu Alex’s Portfolio! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Don’t let it drop

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This advert has been made by George Kvlividze, Alexander Kvantaliani, Michael Maisuradze for WaterAid as part of the YouTube Cannes Young Lions Ad Contest! Young Lions rule :-) A big thanks to Dimitri for bringing this to my attention! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Irina Bulanova

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Awesome illustrations to discover over at Irina Bulanova’s on-line portfolio! Go get inspired here ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics


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“Daisy” from Mo Ghayour on Vimeo.

Mo Ghayour created a breathtaking visual representation of the musical elements and the lyrics of the song Daisy by Brand New! Awesome just that :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics

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