Mateusz Szulik

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Mateusz Szulik is from Rybnik, Poland and he is into character design! Go get inspired here ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

My Dad the Evil Genius

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My Dad the Evil Genius from Benjamin Wigmore on Vimeo.

A very very cool animation created and directed by Benjamin Wigmore full of violence, darkness, evil robots, an electrified monkey and heart warming moments. In other words awesome! The music you hear is composed by Patrick Ytting ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Hide and Seek

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Music Video – The Standstill “Hide and Seek” from Christian Amundson on Vimeo.

I love this! A fantastic music video for The Standstills created by Amundsonfilms! If you dig the music of The Standstills you can download their album from here ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

LOST In 3 Minutes

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This will definitely make you understand what on earth happened on Lost!! :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Marta Antoniak

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Siamese Twins from Marta Antoniak’s online portfolio! Make sure you check her work cause it is really interesting! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Summer Majestic

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His Clancyness – “Summer Majestic” from Jamie Harley on Vimeo.

Lovely song and video by His Clancyness, directed by Jamie Harley ! Enjoy :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics


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IRON BABY from Patrick Boivin on Vimeo.

Another wicked animation by Patrick Boivin! This time an incredible parody of Iron Man! Patrick never fails to impress me with his work! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Breakfast at Ginger’s

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This is so funny and so cute at the same time! I think it would be great as pet food commercial :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Image of the day

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via Peter Kay! Sponsored by Fashion Optics


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GuitarEvolution from Pedro Allevato McClau on Vimeo.

An awesome little 2d animation by Pedro Allevato McClau, about guitar evolution through the years! Way cool :-) Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Kasia Ksiezopolska

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Kasia Ksiezopolska is from Poland and has a very unique style when it comes to illustrations! You must definitely check her work so click here ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

Cedric Smith

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Cedric Smith has a very interesting portfolio for you to explore, its packed with fine photography, paintings and various artworks! Go get inspired here ! Sponsored by Fashion Optics

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