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A tribute to John Baldessar by José Morraja ! Go get inspired here
Have I been blind ..have I been lost..inside my self own mind..hypnotized..mesmerized…by what my eyes have seen? A brilliant song by Natalie Merchant!!

macro kingdom II from clemento on Vimeo.

Adventures in a macro universe! Must see !! Simply amazing! Created by Clemento with the help of Florian Rinnerthaler & Florian Eidenhammer!

White Russian

Jamaican Lager

Belgian Dark Ale


BevShots are your favorite beers, wines and cocktails photographed under a microscope and featured as modern art. Way cool !

Guster – “Satellite” from Adam Bizanski on Vimeo.

Guster directed by Yael Komarovski! Just incredible!

There will never be another Michael Jackson!