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The human package from Alteroy on Vimeo.

Its purpose is as with any product to protect its contents! Created by Alteroy! Music by José González! Great stuff!!

Fantastic illustrations from Joao Ruas, go get inspired here! A big thanks to Alex for bringing this to my attention

Altares de Silicio from Arkhadio on Vimeo.

This is just spectacular! If you are a technology freak your are soooooo going to love this! Created by Arcadio Sánchez Alcaraz

Los Massieras – Boogity Boogity Boogity from Gerson Aguerri on Vimeo.

A crazy wonderful video for Los Massieras directed Gerson Aguerri! Enjoy 🙂

It doesn’t matter how cool you designed a package or how much have you paid to design one for your product if you are a client ! A bored employ could really destroy them in a instant! Via slightlywarped

Summertime – Billie Holiday from Amos Mulder on Vimeo.

The incredible Billie Holiday by Amos Mulder and Floortje Brandsteder.! What a brilliant cut out animation!! Very creative

Pacific Star II from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

A high altitude weather balloon photography project by Colin Rich! ! Brilliant shots 🙂