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Brain Games from marieke v on Vimeo.

A spectacular 8-bit animation by Marieke Verbiesen! Music Kickflip by Covox! Lovely stuff!

Very CSI 🙂 via quoteskin

Secrets …great photography by David Kavaler! Go get inspired here

Matthias Seifarth is a freelance illustrator living in Hamburg, Germany with a very interesting portfolio for you to explore

Loyal Divide – Vision Vision (Directed by BBGUN) from bbgun on Vimeo.

This is just brilliant! Fantastic video and song! Loyal Divide directed by BBGUN (Maxim Bohichik & Alex Bergman)! This video is entirely live action (no animation) using gaff tape!!

Le Sport – I´ts not the end of the world from Henrik Qvarnström on Vimeo.

Le Sport directed by Emma Lundborg! Enjoy 🙂

Awesome illustrations to discover over at Pearpicker’s on-line portfolio! via freakonine