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Dancing Pigeons – Ritalin from Blink on Vimeo.

Dancing Pigeons directed by Tomas Mankovsky! Look how amazing the flame thrower looks! Excellent music video with creepy characters along with an amazing tune…what is not to like??

This is stunning and sooooo incredible !!! Mike walked across America from New York to San Francisco. Check the google map of his journey here ! The song you hear is Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros! Great stuff!! Make sure that you check the making of video below! This YouTube sensation is actually a promotion for Levi’s.


Untired (a Kleptones mashup) from Reborn Identity on Vimeo.

A superb song by the amazing Kleptones ( lately it seems that I keep posting these guys) ! The video was made by  The Reborn Identity and features footage from the 1980 movie, “Altered States“!  Enjoy 🙂