William Emmert

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Cool drawings to discover over at William Emmert’s on-line portfolio! Via unstage

Ray-Ban: Flowers Head, Cartoon Head, Ice Cream Head, Kiss, Yelling Head

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As always Ray Ban never fails to amaze me! Cool work by Cutwater, San Francisco, USA! Via I believe in advertising

It sounds like Scala

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With or without you

Scala: “With or without you” Video-Mix from Heiner Hänsel on Vimeo.


SCALA from just1photo.com on Vimeo.

Smells like teen spirit

Friday I’m In Love

Scala is a choir band from Belgium and their remixes sound so spectacular!

Ken Hermann

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City Surfers from Ken Hermann’s on-line portfolio! If you are into photography make sure that you check Ken’s work

Dance Floor

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“Dance Floor” The Apples in Stereo from tinyelevator on Vimeo.

This is just awesome The Apples in stereo along with Elijah Wood, directed by Greg Gilpatrick. You can find this song in their album “Travelers in Space and Time” ! Make also sure that you check Exploring The Universe with Elijah Wood below :-) Very very cool!


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Cool dark and sexy drawings from Mirosedina ! Go get inspired here

After The Rain

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LITTLE DRAGON “After The Rain” from Paranoid US on Vimeo.

The amazing Little Dragon, directed by François Vogel! Very very cool!! Enjoy :-)


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Klaxons – Echoes from Modular People on Vimeo.

Brand new music video for the Klaxons, directed by Saam

Obama Bumper Sticker Removal Kit

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This apparently is a real product ..available at BSRemoval.com :-)

Image of the day

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Via iLove

Shaun Gardner

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Cool illustrations to discover over at Shaun Gardner’s on-line portfolio!

Near the Egress

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Near the Egress from antonio martinez on Vimeo.

This is just magnificent! Antonio Martinez began this project in 2005 and it was completed in early 2009 with the help of sound designer, Ramah (Malebranche) Jihan, and assistant, Sarah (Lathrop) Midkiff! Over 800 modern dryplate tintypes were made from b&w film to produce this experimental stop-motion video of a circus. Stunning or what?

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