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NO CORRAS TANTO Sand Animation from Cesarlinga on Vimeo.

An amazing sand animated music video by Cesar Diaz Melendez for a band called Congolinga. ! Make also sure that you check the making of video below! A big thanks to Christopher for bringing this to my attention!


NO PETS ALLOWED (Animation feature film) from Josep Pozo on Vimeo.

A wonderful animation directed by Headless with very interesting plot and character design! More info about this here

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Shovelman – Moonshine Music Video from Jason Mongue on Vimeo.

Shovelman directed by Jason Mongue! What an interesting sound this guy has!!!

Johan Rosenmunthe is from Copenhagen, Denmark and as you can see from above has a very interesting portfolio for you to explore! The images above belong to his series “Imagine Remembering”, go check his work here

Russ Chimes – Midnight Club EP (Part 1: Never Look Back) from Russ Chimes on Vimeo.

Russ Chimes directed by Saman Keshavarz ( The guy behind Luv Deluxe and CANON – Freeze Tag ) Part 2 Coming 01.09.2010 and there is also a part 3 coming!! Great stuff!!!Make sure you check this out

An informative presentation by Saneel Radia & Tim Harris ! Via Mr Litman