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WanKok Leong is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and as you can see from above he does fantastic illustrations! Go get inspired here

Esquivel from David Hubert on Vimeo.

Directed by David Hubert – Olivier Staphylas for Esquivel Shoes, California! Just brilliant!

This is soooooo lovely! Shel Silverstein’s dream world of bouncy shapes comes alive in the cute animation by Dorian! ! A big thanks to Stella for bringing this gem to my attention 🙂

Take This Spell From Me, Lowstar from Martin Speidel on Vimeo.

A stunning animated music video for the German musician Lowstar. Animated and directed by Martin Speidel! Great stuff!!

Motion from Bill Wadman’s on-line portfolio! If you are into photography make sure that you check his work!

Quad Time from The Joy of Box on Vimeo.

Imagine music and video playing a game together! Tom Hill and Andy Tytherleigh and video artist The Joy of Box make connections between seemingly unrelated elements and create a world that plays the scale of human emotions. Wow just wow! More info about this here