Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl

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Canon 7D vs. Barbie Video Girl from Brandon Bloch on Vimeo.

A funny comparison of the $1,800 Canon 7D versus the brand new $50 Barbie Video Girl! I think that the barbie video girl ruled this video! It definitely made me to want to buy one for my niece :-)

Insert Coin

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Insert Coin from vurup on Vimeo.

A cool animation by vurup

Devil Of Mine

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The Moulettes – ‘Devil Of Mine’ from Thomas Goldser on Vimeo.

A lot of love went to this music video! The wonderful Moulettes directed by Thomas Goldser! Simply amazing!

Image of the day

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Via quoteskin


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The Wave Pictures – Sweetheart from Ben Reed on Vimeo.

Official video for the Wave Pictures EP ‘Sweetheart’ directed by Ben Reed ! Made entirely out of second hand books. Brilliant or what??

Augmented City 3D

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Augmented City 3D from Keiichi Matsuda on Vimeo.

“The architecture of the contemporary city is no longer simply about the physical space of buildings and landscape, more and more it is about the synthetic spaces created by the digital information that we collect, consume and organise!! So get your 3d glasses out and see this incredible video that Keiichi Matsuda made!

Martin Kalanda

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Fantastic pencil drawings by Martin Kalanda a New York City Artist! Go get inspired here

Conan Thai

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Great photography to discover over at Conan Thai’s on line portfolio! The images above belong to his series Attempts To Fly


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Lyric video for Ceelo’s big, big funky single FU. Great stuff :-) A big thanks to Carl for sending this over!

Crankworx Whistler – Mike Montgomery’s Slopestyle Run & Kalani Robb – Slow Motion Pipeline

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Wow this one is just insane! Very very cool helmet cam footage and a very interesting way to learn about the new GoPro HD HERO® camera


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A magnificent animation with superb plot and character design about an armadillo that is threatened by an evil hunter! Directed by Mike Klim, Stanley Moore, Dominic Pallotta and Mikey Sauls

Evan Kafka

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Cute baby photography by Evan Kafka! Make sure that you check Evan’s work here Via unstage

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