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The iphone killer??? More info about it here! This awesome devise is designed by Billy May! You can watch a 3d version here

A typography experiment animated and designed by graphic artist Sebastian Jaramill, based on the famous Fight Club Scene ! A big thanks to Splicer261 for bringing this to my attention!

Gary Swindell has one of the most interesting portfolios I ‘ve seen lately! Go get inspired here

Delphic – Doubt (Pat Ferry Remix) from PAT FERRY on Vimeo.

Delphic’s famous track Doubt remixed by Pat Ferry Remix!! So cool!

Queens Club – “Are We? Will We?” from Alex Purifoy on Vimeo.

An impressive music video for Queens Club, directed by Alex Purifoy!

Motion Typography: Rocky Balboa Inspirational Speech from Kyle Kargov on Vimeo.

Motion typography by Kyle Kargov based on Rocky Balboa’s advice to his son! Way cool 🙂