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Fallen from Sascha Geddert on Vimeo.

A wonderful animation by Wolfram Kampffmeyer and Sascha Geddert about a little meteor who learns the biggest lesson of life on it’s way down to earth!!
Sesame Street’s parody of the True Blood! Fantastic !!

The iphone killer??? More info about it here! This awesome devise is designed by Billy May! You can watch a 3d version here

A typography experiment animated and designed by graphic artist Sebastian Jaramill, based on the famous Fight Club Scene ! A big thanks to Splicer261 for bringing this to my attention!

Gary Swindell has one of the most interesting portfolios I ‘ve seen lately! Go get inspired here

Delphic – Doubt (Pat Ferry Remix) from PAT FERRY on Vimeo.

Delphic’s famous track Doubt remixed by Pat Ferry Remix!! So cool!

Ken Block Gymkhana TWO from Fili86RaceFace on Vimeo.

This is a bit old but if you haven’t seen it yet make sure that you do! And make sure that you check the one below

Drib vs. Ken Block – Gymkhana 3 – l’Autodrome (France) from Dribbler Mr. Dreamcraft™ on Vimeo.