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The Decemberists – O Valencia from Scott Lynch on Vimeo.

A fan made video for The Decemberists! Directed by Scott Lynch, animated by Michael Frelick and Chelsea Devlin-Cahill! Lovely stuff is all about looking the world in the eyes! You can even submit your content! A big thanks to Joan for bringing this fun site in my attention

Berko directed by Christian Swegal! Totally hypnotizing, filmed entirely in super slow motion!

Lucky Number Music on Vimeo.

Darwin Deez directed by Terri Timely! Enjoy :-)

From illustrations to vintage collages Andreas Scheiger’s online portfolio is packed with everything! You should definitely pay him a visit

Bugs never looked this cool :-) A short creative motion project co-produced by Ryan Enn Hughes and Lithium Studios! Directed by by Ryan Enn Hughes

Seafishing from Jessica Kucinskas on Vimeo.

This is the very cute work of Mary Costa,Lauren Randolph ,Jessica Kucinskas, by this is what we imagined