Gary Swindell

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Gary Swindell has one of the most interesting portfolios I ‘ve seen lately! Go get inspired here


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Delphic – Doubt (Pat Ferry Remix) from PAT FERRY on Vimeo.

Delphic’s famous track Doubt remixed by Pat Ferry Remix!! So cool!

Ken Block Gymkhana

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Ken Block Gymkhana TWO from Fili86RaceFace on Vimeo.

This is a bit old but if you haven’t seen it yet make sure that you do! And make sure that you check the one below

Drib vs. Ken Block – Gymkhana 3 – l’Autodrome (France) from Dribbler Mr. Dreamcraft™ on Vimeo.

This is not the Future

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This is not the Future from oneedo on Vimeo.

Music Video for the lo-fi Casionova by oneedo! Great stuff

Night Moves

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Space Rangers . Night Moves from Garlic on Vimeo.

Love the video love the song!! Just brilliant ! Directed by Miguel Bueno for Space Rangers

Are We? Will We?

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Queens Club – “Are We? Will We?” from Alex Purifoy on Vimeo.

An impressive music video for Queens Club, directed by Alex Purifoy!

Rocky Balboa’s Inspirational Speech

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Motion Typography: Rocky Balboa Inspirational Speech from Kyle Kargov on Vimeo.

Motion typography by Kyle Kargov based on Rocky Balboa’s advice to his son! Way cool :-)

Image of the day

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via Stuart Hodgson

Fernando Vicente

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Fernando Vicente is from Spain and does lovely creepy illustrations!

Visa Lets Transit Riders Pay Fare with Cell Phone

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Transit riders in New York and New Jersey can now pay their fare by simply holding their Visa payWave-enabled mobile phone near the designated reader at the fare gate.Very cool! Via johnsonlab

So bloody, so tight

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A Sunny Day in Glasgow – So bloody, so tight from mis ojos discos on Vimeo.

This is freaking amazing! A Sunny Day in Glasgow directed by Bob Weisz

Introducing Nokia Push Burton

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Nice work Nokia!! It was about time to introduce something innovative!! More info about it here

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