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A very interesting presentation about  Millennials, Their Actions Surrounding Brands, and the Dynamics of Reverberation by Edelman digital

I  just came across to this fascinating article by fastcompany about Future Shock!This movie came out in 1972 and features Orson Welles as the narrator  who states. “Our modern technologies have changed the degree of sophistication beyond our wildest dreams. But this technology has exacted a pretty heavy price. We live in an age of anxiety and time of stress. And with all our sophistication, we are in fact the victims of our own technological strengths –- we are the victims of shock… a future shock.” Very very interesting make sure that you check it out .

Nope this is the funniest :-) via Mr Litman! Read the rest of the entry for the lyrics


This is the funniest thing I have seen all day :-) More info about it and credits here

A flipbook by Masashi Kawamura that creates a 3D rainbow in your hand :-) This book won this years NY ADC silver cube! Via sweet station

A very informative presentation by Thorsten Linz

via fastcompany