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La Beltek – No hables (MusicVideoSculpture) from Leo Carreño on Vimeo.

An amazing music video for the spanish band La Beltek, directed by Leo Carreño! Very very cool and creative

INDIANS from Louise Cailliez on Vimeo.

A wonderful, sweet animation by Louise Cailliez

Denise van Leeuwen & Edson Williams have really impressive portfolios!You should definitely go and check their work

Using chords, sound effects and vocal samples from the first four seasons of Dexter, Artist Pogo created this music video.

Robotic curtain anyone?? For all of the people that cant afford to buy full curtains 🙂 More info about it here

From Holy Fuck’s album ‘Latin’, directed by Brian Borcherdt & Michael LeBlanc! Very very adorable