Nicoz Balboa

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Lovely illustrations from Nicoz Balboa! Go get inspired here


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Whatever / Don Rimini from Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel on Vimeo.

Song by Don Rimini ! Video directed by Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel!

Facebook Messages

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Learn how the concept of “a person and a message” drove Facebook’s development of the new Messages

Rebuilding the barriers

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Rebuilding the barriers
View more presentations from Helge Tennø.

Customer retention comes down to one simple thing: Having a good reason to stick around. In this presentation for the banking / finance industry Helge Tennø argues how brand and design strategy is not only underused in the category, but also, if used properly, can represent a cost effective way of creating loyal and motivated customers.

Rolling In The Deep

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Adele – Rolling In The Deep from DUKOFF on Vimeo.

Adele directed by Lauren Dukoff! Enjoy :-)

Solitary Bizness

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Tahiti 80 Solitary Bizness from Tahiti 80 on Vimeo.

Tahiti 80 directed by Daisuke Kitayama! Formed by multi instrumentalists Xavier Boyer, Médéric Gontier, Sylvain Marchand & Pedro Resende, Tahiti 80’s adventure began in the French cities of Rouen and Paris in the mid 90s Enjoy :-)

Above Everything Else

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Silestone — ‘Above Everything Else’ from Alex Roman on Vimeo.

Everything you see in this advert is CGI! Created by Alex Roman for Silestone

Image of the day

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via saying images

On Melancholy Hill – NYC Lights

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On Melancholy Hill – NYC Lights from Chateau Bezerra on Vimeo.

Music Video for On Melancholy Hill by the Gorillaz using real lights in New York City! Great stuff!!! Directed by Chateau

New York City

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New York City – Timelapse from stimul on Vimeo.

A lovely time lapse directed by Alexandre Favre – Pierre Dumont – David Mignot! Lovely stuff

Jamie Kingham

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Home sweet home! Great photography from Jamie Kingham

Soul In The Sole

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Havaianas – Soul In The Sole from Lionel Hirle & Gregory Ohrel on Vimeo.

Brilliant work by Enjoy :) for Havaianas! This advert makes you want to drop everything… wear you Havaianas! and go traveling ! Song Move by CSS

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