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Another interesting talk from TEDx , this time by Thomas Power! Very very interesting

Rory Sutherland delivers a very interesting speech @ TEDx
Leonard Cohen live in London from a few year back! Make also sure that you check out the fantastic new version of the same song by Holly Figueroa O’Reilly!! This girl has an amazing voice!! I bet we are going to see more of her in the near future Via the brand new colony

CocoRoise – Lemonade from Sub Pop Records on Vimeo.

The lovely, weird, beautiful CocoRoise directed by Emma Freeman! Enjoy :-)

Animated Facts about the Internet from sendal on Vimeo.

This is sooo cool! A stop Motion animation with interesting facts about the internet by Andrei Nica (
Very very cool branding by Coke Zero that created this first location-based video game that lets you play a real-life version of Disney TRON: Legacy. Build a Light Wall as you move about the real world and earn points by forcing other players to crash into it. Download LiveCycle for free at Via Gizmodo

If you are a gamer you are so going to love this! A lovely fan-made animation by Eyspire of your favourite old-skool video game characters!