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Inspired by McBess Wood, this animated video clip for the band named “King the Fu” is the diploma thesis of Frank Patzke and Max Birkl at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, Department of Design. Very very cool… well done to them :-)

This is simply amazing !!! An unofficial music video for Passion Pit’s “I’ve got your number” song! Created by Johannes Helgelin& Hannes Elltorp! Video produced by Hannes Johannes! Great stuff :-)

The wonderful sound of The Dø a French/Finnish indie pop band founded in Paris in 2005. Video directed by Noel Paul!! Interesting song to say the least ! Enjoy :-)

The fantastic song you hear is by Porcelain Raft! Video by The Tearist who managed to create this from various scenes from “Screentests” by Andy Warhol.!! Very very nice