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Music video for “Berlin”, by Alaska In Winter shot, and edited by Hari Ziznewski!! What a brilliant song!!


Awesome paintings to discover over at Fran Recacha’s on-line portfolio

Young people are so talented nowadays and Uiralamour’s graduation project is very very cool!!More info about this here

LT24 is an experimental movie directed by Lucio Arese with Ametsub soundtrack, bringing an original technique that links images and music together through simulated timelapse.The film depicts a 24 hours day (from 0 AM to 0 AM) compressed into 2 minutes 24 seconds (600x) where a group of construction workers builds a steel structure placed into a square arena. More info about this here

How do we get people to care about advertising again? Start treating it like a story. An interesting presentation by James Mitchell

Cool paintings and illustrations to discover over at Svetlin Velinov’s on-line portfolio