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via Rizky Subagja

Luke Tomski

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Wonderful illustrations by Luke Tomski! Go get inspired here


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This is soooooooooooo very good! La blogotheque and Vincent Moon present BEIRUT!! Great stuff

Tron-ified Modern Times

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Too freaking cool not to share! Nick Tierce Tron-ified Modern Times for For the Ain’t It Cool Contest!! Just brilliant …I only wish it was a bit longer in duration :-(

New York Times Magazine – Year In Ideas

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The Long-Life-Span Smartphone…for all of you that you simply dont want to change your phone every other year! Created by Sean Pecknold!Check out all the Ideas here

Skype for iPhone

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Way bizarre advertising for skype that proves that white people cant dance :-)

Homework = bad for self esteem

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson! :-) via gocomics

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