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The Times Square NYE party now has it’s own iPhone App to help you keep track of and interact with the nights celebrations! Download it from here! Via the digital buzz

Loosely based on the old greek mythology “Pygmalion” this wonderful digital drawn animation by studio APVIS tells the a story about the power of obsession. Great stuff

The lovely indie pop sound of Floating Action!! Enjoy :-) via thebrandnewcolony

Jose Antonio Gonzalez Carrasco is from Barcelona Spain and does incredible drawings and illustrations! You should definitely pay him a visit! Go get inspired here

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson! :-) via gocomics

via thisisnthappiness

“Dance Yrself Clean” from Hung Low Films on Vimeo.

An outstanding video by Hung Low Films for the Dance Yrself Clean song by the LCD Soundsystem. Listen to the full version of the song here A big thanks to Grzegorz Wojtysiak for bringing this awesome song to my attention!