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Projection mapping 3d and interactive architectural visualization by tha-k! Very very nice!

Lovely toy design all the way from Mexico!! Go get inspired here

Cocoon directed by Roger Haus & Matteo Crinelli!! Make sure that you check this out!! A big thanks to Aymen for bringing this to my attention

A wonderful xmas stop-motion animation for Dyson by Sergey Yazvinsky

An amazing 3d animation by Gökalp Gönen about a strange forest creature that is trying to find its own place on the food cycle.

A cool little animation written and directed by Dave Laden and animated by Rinee Shah. Just brilliant 🙂

J. Viewz collaboration with the vocal talents of Joshua James! The lovely video you see was created by Alisa Stern, Pete Ahern, Jonathan Dagan. Enjoy 🙂