Hey Brother… I Need A Dollar

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This is sooooo epic Aloe Blacc sings live at “A Take Away Show” “Hey Brother” & “I Need A Dollar“!! So freaking cool! Directed by Colin Solal Cardo! Enjoy

Even angels will fall Beamvertising

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This is the Beamvertising version made by Lumina Motion & Porta 4 of Axe Excite campaign Even angels will fall. Big thumbs up!!

N-3D Mobile Ver

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Aircord from Japan has developed this crazy technology that allows your phone to do 3D Holograms & 36O degrees projections ! Quite cool .. although you need a pyramid of some short to do it and its quite small :-) More info about this here


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Press the full screen button and dive into the magical world that Thomas Hicks created for the Funin and their wonderful song Everything!! Great stuff

Conductor: www.mta.me

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“Conductor by Alexander Chen turns the New York subway system into an interactive string instrument. Pulling from the MTA

The Ice Book

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This one is just incredible !

Noah Sheldon

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Noah Sheldon’s series Cats Wearing Clothes just cracked me up :-) Go check the rest of his work here ! Via karykwok

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