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This is sooooo epic Aloe Blacc sings live at “A Take Away Show” “Hey Brother” & “I Need A Dollar“!! So freaking cool! Directed by Colin Solal Cardo! Enjoy

This is the Beamvertising version made by Lumina Motion & Porta 4 of Axe Excite campaign Even angels will fall. Big thumbs up!!

Aircord from Japan has developed this crazy technology that allows your phone to do 3D Holograms & 36O degrees projections ! Quite cool .. although you need a pyramid of some short to do it and its quite small 🙂 More info about this here

Press the full screen button and dive into the magical world that Thomas Hicks created for the Funin and their wonderful song Everything!! Great stuff

“Conductor by Alexander Chen turns the New York subway system into an interactive string instrument. Pulling from the MTA

This one is just incredible !

Noah Sheldon’s series Cats Wearing Clothes just cracked me up 🙂 Go check the rest of his work here ! Via karykwok