Motorcycle vs. Car Drift Battle

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Awesome footage!! A stretched 05 Kawasaki ZX10 piloted by Nick “Apex” Brocha vs. a Corvette-Powered RX7 driven by Jim Guthrie in a high speed drifting battle. More info “>here

Senor Salme

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Senor Salme’s illustrations and drawings are influenced by an inconsistent blend of comic-books, popular culture, symbolist painters and mithology. Go get inspired here

Cocaine Blues

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Escort plays their new groovy single, “Cocaine Blues” at Le Poisson Rouge. Someone pls make a video for this song!!Get the single free here ! And kids stay off drugs ..they are bad for you :-)


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A cool little advert for Bershka Spring Summer 2011 created by UnitedFakes

A Decade of Data Storage

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via rackspacecloud

What is being creative?

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A reflection on What it means to be creative by Kristian Larsenmm featuring a unique phone design-concept. Music by Palmer Taylor, via Lenkendall

Image of the day

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via Bryan Hall


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If you are into motion graphics make sure that you check this Live Visuals for Beat Torrent created by Joshua catalano! Music by D-Twice

Laughing in the Face of Adversity

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Comedy isn’t just about making people laugh, it’s about making people think as Ricky Gervais argues

Juli Jah

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Awesome drawings and illustrations by Juli Jah all the way from Vilnius, Lithuania! Go get inspired here

The State of Wikipedia

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An exploration of the rich history and inner-workings of the web-based encyclopedia and a celebration of its 10th anniversary created by JESS3


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This is just lovely created by bayougirl!

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