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This is crazy good! An interactive architectural mapping by 1024 Architecture, projected on the facade of former Lyrical theater the “Celestins”.The building deformations and figures were controlled by the audience, using a microphone and an audio analysis algorythm. More info here

The latest instalment in the Ray Ban never hide films ! This one simply features a guy that runs through 5 subway cars before the train exits the station. In my humble view not as cool as the ones before! Via advertblog

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Gary Salter is a photographer based in London who produces bold images with a distinctive and unique photographic style and quirky sense of humour.Go get inspired here

Parenthetical Girls new video is directed by Guy Wagner, choreographed by Allie Hankins and danced (badly) by Parenthetical Girls. Weirdly beautiful as always

Mary Jane Ansell, is a fellow graduate

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