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Parenthetical Girls new video is directed by Guy Wagner, choreographed by Allie Hankins and danced (badly) by Parenthetical Girls. Weirdly beautiful as always

An amazing dance performance by Chelyabinsk Contemporary Dance Theatre!! ! Very impressive!! Just press the full screen button and enjoy 🙂

In this episode, Steve Stoute discusses the concept of cool, how new cultural codes are redefining traditional corporation communication. He also talks about creating successful collaborations between Artists and Brands.Make also that you check the Influencers documentary here , in case you have missed it!

Karen Elson’s official video for “The Truth is in the Dirt”, from her debut album THE GHOST WHO WALKS. Video by the Belles of the Black Diamond Field. Brilliant just brilliant!

You probably know how much I love the sound of The Brute Chorus, well this is their latest video and song produced and directed by David Fishel!! Enjoy 🙂