The Evolution of Search: Beyond the search box

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If Social Media is the breakthrough development of Web 2.0, what is next in search for Web 3.0 and beyond? Peter Diamandis speculates on the evolution of search in the age of Artificial Intelligence and robotics. More about the evolution of search here

Happiness: Money, power or fame?

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson! :-) via gocomics

Linnea Strid

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Stunning photo realistic paintings by the very very talented Linnea Strid! Go get inspired here

The Sharing Economy

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style="width:425px" id="__ss_6696506">LU – The Sharing Economy
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The Sharing Economy is about how the Internet enabled us more than ever to share almost anything. Sharing is part of our genes and today we share almost anything. This phenomenon, also called “collaborative consumption” is not new, but its growing faster than ever before”. Read all about it in this informative presentation by adnerd

Ani Gurashvili

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Ani Gurashvili is a freelance artist, studying at the georgian art academy, her lovely paintings are sometimes colorful and sometimes dark! The painting above belong to her series
“Creatures of my imagination” ! Go get inspired here


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If you into into low tempo electronica, then you are going to love James Delay‘s debut release on Russell Club Records! Directed by Christopher Tirrell

Amnesia Connect

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This is way cool ..its real time sharing! Amnesia Razorfish has replaced the typical

Image of the day

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Peter Kowalski

Happiness: Money, power or fame?

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson! :-) via gocomics

The War of the Worlds

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A stunning, spectacular time-lapse by Rafael Asquith, narrated with the famous broadcast by Orson Welles!
More info about “The War of the Worlds” here


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This is wonderful!The official music video for the The Shimmies first single “Judas” off their album “To All Beloved
Enemies”!Directed by Brandon Vedder! Enjoy :-)

Brad Trent

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Brand Trent shoots portraits…of anybody. He takes pictures of people in all walks of life and at every point on the fame meter…Presidents, Rock Stars, Nobel Prize winners, Actors, Criminals… Go get inspired here

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