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Azure Ray performs ‘november’ live at the hi dive in denver, colorado!! What an amazing voice this girl has so beautiful and soothing!! Video by describe the fauna!! Enjoy :-)

Glove, Actually – An Ode to Cinema’s Greatest Slaps

videos — thebrainbehind @ 15:33

The title gives everything away – slaps, slaps, and more slaps! Created by Jeff Smith! Be careful cause after viewing this you may want to slap somebody :-) For the full list of films and more info about it click here


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This film comes all the way from Japan and it is based on a very simple idea: the increasingly varied the sounds, the greater is the number of creatures! The result beautiful chaotic movements. Created by This film won Artistic Achievement in Animanima 2009, was nominated at Zagreb 2010, Hiroshima 2010, Screened out of competition at Annecy 2009. Great stuff

Conrad Roset

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Fantastic illustrations, drawings and sketches to discover over at Conrad Roset’s on-line portfolio! Go get inspired here

A Family Portrait

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A stunning animation by Joseph Pierce about a family portrait session that goes horribly wrong as secrets and jealousy bubble to the surface under the photographer’s watchful gaze.!!

Mad As Hell!

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450 words individually synced and animated to the famous monologue from the 1976 movie “Network” created by Aaron Leming!! A big thanks to Vitaliy for bringing this to my attention!

From Papyrus to iPad: The Evolution of Reading

PPT/ cool decks,trends — thebrainbehind @ 12:10

Spaces between words were only invented around 800 or 900 AD, before which reading was a more cognitively intensive act. The advent of eReaders threatens to revive this complexity, says Nicholas Carr.

The Four Icon Challenge

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Kyle Tezak with his ongoing project is trying to capture the essence of an object or idea with only a few lines and at the same time maintaining its elegance is pretty much design in a nutshell. An attempt to sum up some of his favorite books, movies, historical events, anything, with just four icons!! Via lenkendall

Image of the day

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via Hamish Gray


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The awesome song you hear is by Air Waves!! The wonderful, crazy good video you see is by Megazord! So very cool!! Enjoy :-)

The Pig Farmer

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A short animated cartoon by Nick Cross. A simple tale of a wayward soul, awash in an ocean of tragedy and regret. More info about this here

Emily Thomas

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Cool illustrations and dark pin up girls to discover over at Emily Thomas on-line portfolio

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