Painting with SuperSlowMo Camera

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The title gives everything away!! A stunning video by Raif Kurt! More slow motion here

Ernesto Perez

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Fan-freakin-tastic caricatures and character design by Ernesto Perez! Go get inspired here


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Cool advert, pop-up book animation “inception style” by mcgarrybowen for JP Morgan Chase!


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This is the final film being premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and on Vimeo simultaneously. It includes all 8 chapters in what Canon is calling the largest online collaborative film contest in history. The final chapter screenplay was written by all 6 chapter winners, directed by Vincent Laforet and photographed by DP Joe Desalvo. What a brilliant project !! More info here

Push Play

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By the Worm Is Green an amazing icelandic band! The video you see is by an icelandic film student Sigurdur Tomasson, that was recorded in Barcelona, Spain. What a brilliant sound these guys have but they need to make more videos if you are a director or something you need to help them asap! Make sure that you also check You’re Too Late Satan and also their wonderful cover of Love will tear us apart! Via the brand new colony

Babies from the Future

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hahaha simply hilarious :-) Is your baby from the future? Created by tcctaylor!


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A lovely song by Tennis and a wonderful vintage video by Stephanie Cafarella! Enjoy :-)

Dave Mead

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Great photography to discover over at Dave Mead’s online portfolio! The images above belong to his series “Magnificent Specimens’ and depicts extravagant and outrageous facial hair. Go get inspired here! Via share some candy

Alex Castro

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If you are into photo manipulation make sure that you check Alex Castro’s work, he has an amazing style! Go get inspired here

The Magnitude of the Continental Divides

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An animation by Chris Coleman exploring the ways we define ourselves and our nations. Just brilliant

Are people good, bad or crazy ??

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson! :-)

Image of the day

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via Ben Caughers

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