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A stunning, spectacular time-lapse by Rafael Asquith, narrated with the famous broadcast by Orson Welles!
More info about “The War of the Worlds” here

This is wonderful!The official music video for the The Shimmies first single “Judas” off their album “To All Beloved
Enemies”!Directed by Brandon Vedder! Enjoy :-)

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Brand Trent shoots portraits…of anybody. He takes pictures of people in all walks of life and at every point on the fame meter…Presidents, Rock Stars, Nobel Prize winners, Actors, Criminals… Go get inspired here

Azure Ray performs ‘november’ live at the hi dive in denver, colorado!! What an amazing voice this girl has so beautiful and soothing!! Video by describe the fauna!! Enjoy :-)

The title gives everything away – slaps, slaps, and more slaps! Created by Jeff Smith! Be careful cause after viewing this you may want to slap somebody :-) For the full list of films and more info about it click here

This film comes all the way from Japan and it is based on a very simple idea: the increasingly varied the sounds, the greater is the number of creatures! The result beautiful chaotic movements. Created by This film won Artistic Achievement in Animanima 2009, was nominated at Zagreb 2010, Hiroshima 2010, Screened out of competition at Annecy 2009. Great stuff

Fantastic illustrations, drawings and sketches to discover over at Conrad Roset’s on-line portfolio! Go get inspired here