A Day Made of Glass

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Corning’s vision for the future with specialty glass at the heart of it.

The Tadpole

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A cool little animation with lovely character design by Passion Pictures! Directed by Bonzom

Image of the day

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via piccsy


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The mystery in now over this is where all the? animated GIFs go when they die :-) A stunning music video for The Sea and Cake from a few years back directed by LUNG!


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Another crazy tune and video by Kraak & Smaak feat. Sebastian!! Directed by Superelectric / Henk Loorbach! Enjoy :-)

Hello Wars

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If you happen to be a fan of both Hello Kitty and Star Wars , Hello Wars are a nerdy collision of the two worlds. Coolness x 2 :-) You can even get your hands on some of our free downloadable goodies! A big thanks to Dinos for sending this one over!

Cube Pour Homme

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Inspired by the name itself, this packaging design by Mike-Flache focuses on elegant simplicity. The minimalist form is combined with functionality. The Cube has no cap that could fall off. Just twist the object to open/close it. Via thedieline


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BECHA is from Beograd, Serbia and does crazy wonderful illustrations! Go get inspired here

Future blind

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Pretty Lights – Future Blind video by Possible Productions

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An amazing song and video by the wonderful Pretty Lights !! Just brilliant! These guys are simply breath taking! Video directed by Michael Figge

Image of the day

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via 1200 Posters

Bubble story

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An excellent animated short film by Denis van Waerebeke in the subject of economic bubbles ! Written with the help of David Duhamel! Great stuff

The Social Network “Going Live”

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Kinetic Typography version of The Social Network, “Going Live” scene. Audio taken of a clip from The Social Network website. Created by Jorge Sandoval

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