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via naggly :-)

A personal animation by Javier based on the lyrics of the song “The Architekt” by Arms and Sleepers

Very very cool paintings to discover over at Alessandro Bottos online portfolio! Go get inspired here ! via trendland

You got to love the insanity of the Japanese ads :-) via copyranter

The Glitch Mob ft. Swan - Between two Points ! A stunning tale about the weight of dependency.Direction & production by Motiphe!! So freaking awesome

Music video for LEVELLOAD’s Yellow Fever, directed by Babanuki. Both song and video are about men who are obsessed with Japanese/asian girls. The video also features robots, flamethrowers, credit verification systems & web browsing, all hand drawn. Way cool!

A beautiful song by Lali Puna! Directed by Yu Sato and animated by Matt Cooper! Great stuff