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Augmented dancing experimentation by 1024 using Kinect + QC + MadMapper + MaxForLive! More info about this here

Official video for Brandt Brauer Frick’s Caffeine, written and directed by Danae Diaz and Patricia Luna! Great stuff

Lorella Paleni has some serious talent! If you are into painting make sure that you check her work out! Go get inspired here

Lovely drawings and sketches to discover over at Karin Janssen’s online portfolio! Go get inspired here

All actions originate with a picture in your mind. In this reflective talk, Hawthorne Valley director Martin Ping — a pioneer of the sustainable farming movement — speaks about the crucial role of imagination in achieving our goals. As Ping puts it, “Having an authentic inner vision of what you want to achieve is essential to bringing it forth.”

Lykke Li directed by Mattias Montero! A lovely song from a few years back!Enjoy

Good song was the third and final single to be released off the last Blur album “Think Thank” (2003). Think Thank was the only Blur LP effort to not feature guitarist Graham Coxon! The video was directed by David Shrigley and the group Shynola. The song was written by Damon Albarn, Dave Rowntree and Alex James and it was produced by Blur and Ben Hillier.