Passport and Reality

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This is a project about how different can look a person in real life and his own passport photo. People change every minute and the only thing that stays still is their passport photo. Created by Biayna Mahari & Suren Manvelyan

3D Holographic Fashion Show

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This is completely stunning! The question was how to communicate the philosophy behind the new collection of German “Haute Couture” fashion designer Stefan Eckert in a better way. The answer was the world’s first complete 3D holographic fashion show! Created by Bakery and directed by Florian Sigl!! Visual artist Tim Jockel

Games for Cats

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Friskies Presents iPad Games for Cats! Very innovative approach to advertise to say the least! More info about this here

desktop orchestra

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This is totally fascinating and hypnotizing to watch! A two minute, energetic chiptune anthem by montreal artist battle lava sets the sound for an illuminated lab of thirty 24″ imacs. with a mere game boy, battle lava creates novel sounds with the analog waves of yesteryear. the visuals, composed in a single flash document are split for each screen and assigned when desktop orchestra is launched. each display is controlled by a flash applet served by php and can be started and stopped on demand. Created by northamerican. More info here

If you can’t win by reason …go for volume

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Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

Superman Goes To England

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hahhaha via the buzzfeed

Stuff That Doesn’t Work Yet

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Another interesting presentation by Faris Yakob

Is Social Media Ruining Students?

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Is Social Media Ruining Students?

Close that facebook and twitter and open a book :-) via online education and social media graphics

On a train

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Cool new song and video by Yuksek!! You will find this song on his new album “Living on the edge of time” which airs on June 13th.

Easy Way

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Korean traditional characters Tiger and Bear trip out electro style for Swingset Committee! Video by Suji Kwon! A big thanks to Angela that brought this to my attention

Image of the day

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via Nita Padavil

Ashkan Sahihi

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Ashkan Sahihi sure takes some edgy photos! From arpits, to drugs he depicts everything in its raw state! The images above belong to his kiss series ! Go check the rest of his workhere

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