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Taptu has an awesome video contest going on and you can win an amazing internship working alongside some of the Academy award-winning VFX wizards behind Avatar, Tron: Legacy and The Chronicles of Narnia. Or the guys who work their magic on TV shows, commercials and the best music videos. All you have to do is make a short video about the stuff you’re into. The stuff you love or hate, the stuff you’ve seen, tasted, heard, smelt, lost, found, created, destroyed, want, need

The videos above were made by meanwhile so if you think you can make something better than that make sure that you enter !! More info and details about this fun contest here

Just to remind you all that today is the final Champions League and your last chance to try out and win two tickets at any UK UEFA Champions League group stages match next season. As I told you before the first 24 readers to click this link and enter the code kd8zb2wvkk will enter the The curious brain league.

Make also sure that you follow  the Twitter feed for StarPlayer @StarPlayer. This feed will allow  the Star Player Operator (the guy behind the controls of the live Star Player game)  to have a voice and deliver thoughts, comments and insights from within the Star Player operating room.  He will also   provide you with  insider commentary on the Match Moment questions , he’ll be responding to the gameplay stats following each match moment, and generally providing a bit of humour and life to the live game! So make sure that you don’t forget to play today

This is sooooo hilarious! MimoZine was on hand for Star Wars Weekend at Disney’s Hollywood Studio and caught this year’s Hyperspace Hoopla.Highlights include Chewbacca dancing to “Welcome to the Jungle” and Darth Vader rocking out to Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” !