“Smack My Bitch Up” performed by The Beatles

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Simply genial and mega mega awesome!!! Created by pleaseunhelpme! A big thanks to Filipe for bringing this to my attention

The Creative Apothecary

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The Creative Apothecary is a concept that was created by Emma Williams as part of her Final major project at University. The concept is to inspire and motivate creatives from all industries. The Apothecary will provide illustrated quotes, products,applications, posters, t-shirts, mugs and badges. Great stuff

Be The One

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Martin Rodahl’s official submission to the Hello, Future Moby music video challenge ! Enjoy

Broken Social Scene » Modest Mouse

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This is so very brilliant!! Part from the voice project! series The Voice Project is an attempt to support the peace movement in Uganda, and an effort to see how far a voice can carry! Artists do the cover chain episodes to spread the word (one covers another and so on… in this episode Broken Social scene cover The world at large by Modest Mouse ! More info about the fantastic project here ! Its for a good cause so pls make sure that you spread this!

A brief history of doomsday

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With May 21st just around the corner and with another Doomsday upon us, we urgently need an info graphic explaining everything :-) via livescience

Star Wars Babies

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via the buzzfeed! More star wars here

Dont Be A Hero

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The sound of Moss is hard to pin down, taking cues from a rich musical tapestry but always focussing on a finely honed song writing craft. Moss is: Marien Dorleijn, Finn Kruyning, Bob Gibson, Jasper Verhulst, Michiel Stam! Video by Lars Steenhoff! Great stuff


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Cool new song by Kitten! The rad video you see was directed by Bryan Schlam! Great stuff

The post it killer

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Now you can replace the boring “post its” at work with these cool get the hint stickers! Simply genial! They cost 6$ and you can buy them fromhere Via design fetish and thisisntthappinnes!

Anatomy of a mashup Definitive Daft Punk

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Cameron Adams – Definitive Daft Punk by thecuriousbrain

If you read this blog you probably already know that I have a thing for mash ups! “Mashups is the art of mixing multiple songs into one continuous song, is a subtle art. When a mashup is done well, you often can’t hear all of the different songs merging into one, because it’s so fluid. Cameron Adams, aka The Man in Blue, visualizes his own mashup Definitive Daft Punk, to show just what goes into the piece” So click the image above and see the whole process you can even download his amazing mash up song for free !! Via flowingdata

Berto Martinez

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Fantastic illustrations by Berto Martinez! You should definitely pay him a visit so click here

I’m So Embarrassed. Look How Funky He Is

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hahahhaha oh bless the 80s for this amazing little clip taken the 1989 movie Teen Witch :-) This totally made my day I cant stop laughing! Via lenkendall

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