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Big Think asked Pinsky to read his poem “The City,” then translate it into a tweet.

How on earth could the driving experience of a mini could be more fun? By connecting its every sensor to a sound – and turning a car into a music instrument, that creates a dynamic soundtrack with every single drive. What a great concept by Robbin Waldemar! Via mr litman

This is an amazing cover by Sue Scrofa, of Devendra Banhart’s “At The Hop”, from his album Niño Rojo!If you like it you can download it for free from here

This is older than the internet but such a lovely digital bliss! The official music video for “Cherry by Ratatat from their self-titled debut (XL Recordings 2004). Directed by E*Rock.

via thisisnthappiness

I rick rolled myself 🙂 via pinterest

Lovely minimal baddies by Robert Ball! Can you guess who they are? If not there is a cheating sheet here! via the high definite