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The wonderful Still Corners perform Cuckoo live in NY!! Video by

She’s Not There Neko Case & Nick Cave are covering this old song by the Zombies for the new True Blood season . oft

She’s Not There – The Zombies

As a vimeo user comments “A beautifully made film about one man’s struggle to preserve his home, his art and retain his creativity of dignity”

This is a wonderful documentary by Devin Schiro about Alan Kimble “Kim” Fahey who has spent more than twenty years working, mostly single-handedly, to turn his Acton, California property into the wonderland of habitable sculpture he has named “Phonehenge West.”

Hundreds of people have visited the property and admired the wonderful invention and solid construction of Kim’s buildings…even the unfinished segments are beautiful. Now the County of Los Angeles has declared its intent to condemn not only his work, but the man himself to a jail term longer than those handed out for some violent crimes against actual victims. To join the fight click here !

Norwegian bands Moddi and Kråkesølv performs Moddi´s single “Magpie Eggs”. Great stuff!

Awesome sketches and illustrations to discover over at PWEE WUZ HERE online portfolio!

Interesting facts for UK, via simplybusiness