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via Andre Jurgensen

Don’t Pursue Ideas With Obvious Conclusions

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Drawing on his extensive research into radical extremism, Google Ideas Director Jared Cohen launched a new program that will bring together former militants and extremists from around the world to foster an “intellectual collision.” Through his narrative, Cohen shares the importance of unstoppable passion, the value of misperceptions, and why we shouldn’t mind being called crazy.


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Incredibly amazing skittles parody spec advert! It has definately brought a whole new meaning to tasting the rainbow :-) A big thanks to Scott for bringing this to my attension

What is Google+ (Google Plus) and do I need it?

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Scary so scary !

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Mark Menjivar

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Apple Said to Consider a Bid for Hulu – Bloomberg via @BloombergNews

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We’re here to devour each other alive

We’re here to devour each other alive

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How very true :-( Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

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Even Björk goes digital these days! Björk: Biophilia app: via @AddThis

What if you could run a slot car race using your brain?

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From the secret laboratory in B-Reel’s London office, comes this brain-bending experimental project utilising a number of cutting edge tech tools. B-Reel UK creative director Riccardo Giraldi led the development of the project view the explanatory video here, as well as some of Riccardo’s creative thinking/musings in a write up below. More info about this here

The Social Travel Revolution

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via the nextweb and visual loop

We’re here to devour each other alive

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How very true :-( Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson!

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