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Geek brain porn and superb editing created by OViolentDarkKnightO! The storyline: What if Yoda and Obi-wan never meet Luke, what would he do? Will the Doctor be able to help Luke save the alliance? [I don’t want to give too much away so watch the trailer and the rest of the story should unfold] I did, however, leave the ending open for your own interpretation. This should be made a movie

via classfinders and visualloop

Awesome drawings, paintings and artworks to discover over at Polaris Castillo’s online portfolio!! You should definitely pay him a visit very very impressive work! Go get inspired here

This is a bit old but sooooooooo classic ….editing madness, a point of reference …a landmark! These were the days !! It has won the MCM Atlas [French national TV] Award for Best Video Editing (1998) Its the third part of the Natural Rhythms Trilogy, Stuart Warren-Hill’s first experiment in video sampling, the first piece being Frog Jam and the second being Natural Rhythm.!!

A dreamy and very vintage fan made video full of jetset glamour by Franck Deron for Washed Out and their amazing song Before! Just brilliant

Galleries One nine eight eight from US ( in their new show “I Know You Art, But What Am I?” are having Pee-wee Herman Tribute! How cool is that ?? Here are some Pee-Wee sneak peeks that you are going to see if you decide to visit! More info about this show here

Lovely collages and artworks to discover over at Hisham Akira Bharoocha’s on-line portfolio! Go get inspired here