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Yeap the battle is now over! Fabio goes to outer space and lands into Saturn … I so want to believe! So do you think that old spice kept us all entertained? Is it only me that I find this campaign a bit annoying and crappy ?

Israeli illustrator Noma Bar has created these amazing minimalist vector portraits of famous cultural icons! Go check the rest of his work here ! via brainpickings

This film was shot in collaboration with the highly acclaimed dance company Gallim Dance and choreographed by Andrea Miller. It is directed by Zach Gold who uses the renowned quality of his photography and applies it to film, creating an engrossing series of environmental relationships, tension and peace. Pls note that it contains partial nudity! I wonder if an advertising company is bold enough to rip this off! It would be fun to see it in an advert cause to be honest . I think we had enough with the cows and the sunny fields! Milk can be sexy too

Geek brain porn and superb editing created by OViolentDarkKnightO! The storyline: What if Yoda and Obi-wan never meet Luke, what would he do? Will the Doctor be able to help Luke save the alliance? [I don’t want to give too much away so watch the trailer and the rest of the story should unfold] I did, however, leave the ending open for your own interpretation. This should be made a movie